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DELSEAL manufacturer of Mct Block,International Exd/Exe Cable Glands For Worldwide Applications
Renewable Energy 2014: Delhi 5-7th May
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Petrotech 2014 Delhi : 12-15th January
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WelCome To Delseal India Pvt Ltd.

Delseal has been founded by experienced professionals, coming from internationally established companies in the industrial manufacturing business. We aim to benefit from the various skills and competencies within the management team, in order to optimize the company functions - both in terms of location and operations. Delseal 's vision is to deliver our clients the best wall feed through solutions at the most competitive price. Our knowledge of the products combined with our strategic geographic positioning allows us to capitalize both on the technological know-how and the optimal resource allocation.


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Flexible Cable and Pipe Seals

Delseal caters your sealing needs & its solutions are adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. Our certified solutions are used to ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability in a wide range of projects worldwide.